change processor speed and name

 You can change your processor name, using a litlle registry trick.
Changing the name processor is just for fun ,and will not improove your sistem speed!

Ok to start all u have to do is copy the text from below:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"ProcessorNameString"="Intel Core i7 Extreme 965 Overclocked bY CrYs18 to 14.99 GHz"

Paste it to notepad ,modify the name of the processor as u like, go to Save as on notepad, name the file whatever u like like (Example: "trick.reg" ) remember to put extension ".reg", Save as type select "All files" , OK
No double click the file u created (egg. "trick.reg"), click Yes, then OK. Now u are done, go to Properties on My Computer and u will see the result!

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