how to put picture in orkut status

Steps to reproduce:-

1)Upload the picture you want to put up in your status message as your profile display picture or community.

2)Once done with uploading, right click the mouse on your profile/community image and choose "Copy image URL"

3)The image URL you copied will be something like this


Now you got to add the string "img/smiley/" in the middle to the above URL you have generated after orkut.com/

Adding "img/smiley/" to the above URL after orkut.com/


4)Now code your link with HTML so as to display it.

HTML Code=<img src="http://img1.orkut.com/img/smiley/images/mittel/1287595130/43323325/gq.jpg">

5)Copy paste the above green code in your status message

Do like this
if u want to put any pic

example -
you want to keep your dp in status

just copy link location from [ page info]

then made a slight change




Add this part to the link only

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