How to add orkut badges in orkut profile

Orkut had added a new badge addon for orkut users. It helps orkut users to flaunt how active they are . There are for start 8 badges.

 Early user             :  For users who have been using orkut for more than 5 years

Millionaire community : For users who own a community with more than a million users

Graduate             : For user's who use most of orkut features

Master                : For user's who have mastered most of orkut features

Promoter              : For user's who have created promotion which
                              was seen by alot of users

Trend setter           : For user's who have got lots of comments
                                 from other users

Super User           : For users who have helped many in orkut forrum

Strong contributor : For users who have helped orkut  make it better for users

These are the 8 badges now available  you can add the badges from the profile menu. In profile menu there is a new tab add badges . Use that to add the badges that are for you.See the pictures below to see how to add badges in profile.

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