How to grap ip address of others

well internet protocol or ip address is the key for a computer to connect to network. its the identity you have on internet.. like your fingerprint.. It be nice if you can know ip address of others right...
Here i will give you a simple trick to have ip address of others.
Its simple you send him a link and when he click it you get his ip address...also can find your ip address.

IP: ‘ .$ip. ‘
Date and Time: ‘ .$date. ‘
Referer: ‘.$referer.’
header (“Location: http://google.com”);

this is simple code just save it as php and upload it on any hosting site like 110mb.com or 0catch.com.. and send the link to whom you want to know the ip address simple isnt it?...
this link redirect the user to google.com...
thus you get ip address from the hosting site.You can also use this to get your own ip address as well. with the same trick.

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