cpalead -bypassing surveys

Well everyone has come across cpalead surveys ... there be very few who havent been irritated by the it . well for those who want to take the short cut, and avoid these bugging surveys you can use this following trick.. it removes surveys provided from cpalead from the page of the website you are viewing thus you get the chance to skip completing surveys.. It doesnt act as yxorp whcih usually ruins page's usability and functionality but it just removes the survey from the page
with this simple trick.. you can

  • # remove cpalead surveys (and others when clicked)
  • # its rather a simple code to use just like a bookmark link..
  • # code can be just copy pasted into the address bar

  • How it works...
Enach time a survey comes to the site use the below havascript by pasting it on the address bar and avoid surveys... thus you can save your time from cpalead surveys

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