Google gmail notifier download and working issues

google gmail notifier is a new application of google for gmail users which notify you with a pop up when a new meail has arrived to your mail id . You can access then from your system tray always. When you have unread messages in mail it shows then along with the sender's name subject etc , all without you browsing into your mail id. It is also compatible with windows 7 and are ready for download.

And along with it popularity some are facing some problems with it.If you try to connect and get an error like " "Cannot connect to your Inbox. Service Temporarily unavailable."
 check if your POP3 and IMAP is enabled pn your gamil account. If the problem still persist check if your HTTPS is always enabled on the general tab of your settings, if yes turn it off.because most times gmail notifier fail to work when HTTPS is turned on. Also you can try google talk lab edition too..
google talk lab edition

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