Facebook login problems and phishing issues

Facebook has turned out to be the biggest social networking site in internet now.And thus tons of people are facing login problems in facebook these days. So i thought of wroiting a post for helping those who are having login issues.
Mainly these login issues are caused either by your mistakes or login errors. Always remember your facebook password, And if you think the password you entered is right then it may be due to the cookie problem in your computer, try to enable the cookie in your browser. Always remember to sign out of your account before you move out of facebook  .
If you think your password has been stolen then try to recover it using the recovery option in facebook. passwords are generally stolen by hackers using phishing. Phishing is the method of sending a fake login page inorder to make users unknowingly give away their passwords  These days phishing is very common in facebook, many are giving the complaints to us that their account has been hacked . As its said prevention is better than cure. So better never login with your facebook account in any suspicious site

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