ICICI bank account phishing email link

phishing link
ICICI Bank phishing email on high in internet . yes lately emails acting themselves as ICICI representatives and manipulating users data has been flooded on internet.. They send you a link which is said to be from ICICI bank .They are phishing emails from hackers. These mails are from "" And there will be an attatchment in the mail as "ICICI-SECURITY.html" . Its a spam mail and will steal your account details. So if you get a mail like that dont open it or click on the links that they have given.When you open the download link provided you will go to a page with ICICI bank logo,its a phishing link and the moment you click it you be directed to the following site  "www * bonusatm * com / w1nw1n / hexx*php"
So be cautious while you surf the email

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